Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wild, Wild South

As some one who does not own a gun, I, like many in my position, have mixed feelings about our Second Amendment rights. In theory, I strongly support our right to arm ourselves as a means of defense. However, when that theory becomes a practice, things can get complicated.

Especially when alcohol is involved.

What's more frightening than the prospect of inebriated gun owners acting as unofficial "deputies" is the unspoken precedent this law sets - which is "take the law into your own hands."

Again, as some one who does not own a gun, I'm in no position to dispute Ms. Goesser's implied statement that, in the hands of a trained owner, a gun can be used to disable a perpetrator - not simply kill them. The real problem is that gun training alone does not substitute for law enforcement training.

The Democratic sponsor of this new legislation, State Senator Doug Jackson, states "People are fearful about tomorrow. They feel insecure. And the Second Amendment right is something that they cherish and it's a means of protecting themselves and their family and defending what they have. It provides security in troubled times."

Well, as of July the 14th, you're going to have plently more fearful citizens on your hands, Mr. Senator.

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