Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad to Worse

Time for another round of "Smack" talk. This time, we revisit the topic of "look alikes" - switching from pet owners with an eye for the unusual, to people with an eye toward the hidden star within...and with whom we'd rather spend eternity.

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Smack: Here's another look alike comparison...

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Within Reason: Okay - What is worse, these people, or the pet people? - because some of these are pretty bad. My personal favorites are the folks with the Glamour Shots, which let you know that they are convinced that they're either 'dead ringers' or some one who looks enough like a celebrity to be one themself.

S: The pet people are worse. I agree some are bad but unless they think they look like Benji or Rin Tin Tin then they’re not as bad as the guy that thinks his poodle looks like the cookie monster.

WR: This is a tough one. With the pet people, at least their delusions are focused on the animal.

Are you telling me you'd rather be stuck on an island with the David Beckham look alike below than with a crazy cat lady?

That's a tough call. Think about it - if you were on a sinking ship, about to be marooned with the Beckham look alike, you'd both be scavenging for a mirror (among other things). You, to signal planes overhead, him to make sure "his hair don't get all messed up."

S: Point taken, but…Would you rather be stranded with the person who thinks their German shepherd looks like Ben Affleck, or any of the Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, or Gwen Stefani lookalikes?

WR: You're missing the point - these (for the most part) aren't people who look like celebrities, they are people who THINK they look like celebrities.

I think I'd rather wake up every morning to some one crying out for their beloved 'Yoda' than some one re-enacting scenes from 'Along Came Polly' - "okay, okay, you're Ben Stiller, right, and oh my God, he is sooo germophopic! Okay, Okay. Now you say 'Hi Polly...oh my God! Wash your hands!!'"

See what I mean?

S: No, I don’t. With the kid that thinks he looks like Beckham, yes. But for the girl that is really a dead-on Marisa Tomei, she probably just gets it all the time and thought it would be cool to send it in.

The pet people are just on another level. I mean, that guy or girl probably looks at his dog and actually sees Ben Affleck. To me, that’s scarier.

WR: Sure, but maybe the pet people would just start chasing around an iguana yelling "Dustin!!! Dustin!!! I loved you in 'Rain Man'!!!"

The pet people probably keep to themselves, and if you've got a cat lady on you hands, chances are you'd receive knitted seaweed goods occasionally.

I'll give you that some of these people just "get it all the time" that they look like so and so - just like some of the pet people were kind of being cutesy...but I'm saying if there was a drawing to determine with whom you would be stranded with, and there were 2 hats to pick names out of, one full of celebrity lookalikes and one full of pet people - both running the gamut from 'normal' to 'crazy' - I'm reaching for the pet hat.

S: Ok, so you reach for the pet hat, and what’s your best case scenario? I’m reaching for the celeb hat and hoping for one of the Jennifer Anistons. Worst case I get the Beckham kid, the Russell Crowe guy or one of the Nick Lacheys, and I just have to banish them to the other side of the island.

WR: Best case is I get the person who thinks their parrot looks like Sean Connery, and we play "Dr. No" all day long.

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