Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Learned It By Watching You...Die

Even the mundane conversations with "Smack" can go Blogometric. Today, a simple "Hi, how's it going" took a wrong turn and will have me driving at 32 miles per hour for the foreseeable future.

As always, feel free to weigh in by posting a comment, and enjoy.

Blogometrics: So, for dinner last night I had about 3 pounds of boneless ribs. Nothing else. Just 3 lbs of meat, sauce and seasoning. Then I watched Chad Vader.

Clint is a fool.

Smack: That is also funny. I was telling someone about Chad Vader this past weekend.
On another, unfunny note, have you heard about this British texting while driving PSA? Most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a while. Makes me wonder when the elderly driver PSA is going to debut.

B: Whoa. Wow.

That Were the sound effects necessary? I mean, we still want people drive, right? Man. You know what's crazy about that? It will be shown during some movie like The Bourne Supremacy, or Pulp Fiction, which will have been edited for TV to remove graphic violent content. I'm still floored by the sound effects. I mean, really? It had me expecting the two girls to awaken from the dead and start devouring the girl who survived, and then dash off into the woods. Then we would call it 28d L8TR.

You know what's scarier than that (and this is true)? Last night I walked down to the video store after dark, and on my way home I passed a young boy - well, maybe 10-12 - riding his bike in the road - and this is Route 106 (not the busiest street, but I wouldn't ride it after dark) - no hands on the bars and, you guessed it, texting.

S: I know. A car accident is a traumatic thing, nevermind a 3 vehicle multi-fatality wreck with a dead baby and a little girl with dead parents. That’s a situation that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone, so why is that something that everyone watching TV should be subjected to? The visuals and sound effects are enough to leave viewers with nightmares. It’s totally over the top, tasteless, etc, etc. Almost unbelievably so.

B: Seriously. I can't even think of an equivalent PSA - save for a similar one for cell phone driving, drunk driving...maybe a "Just Say No to Drugs" spot that starts with a kid taking a hit on a joint, follows him through addiction to meth, and ends with his house being broken into by Afghan heroin dealers who shoot his mother and throw his kid sister into the fireplace - all because little Johnny forgot to pay the vig.

S: Thanks for weighing in and as always feel free to leave a comment!

B: I'm reminded of a certain saying about flattery...

S: “Flattery is a counterfeit money which, but for vanity, would have no circulation.”It’s a good one. Write that one down.

B: Will do, but I was thinking of "Flattery is alright so long as you don't inhale."

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