Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey Paul, Let's Get Rid of Clarence

As always, I'm looking for ways to improve Blogometrics, and make it more entertaining and interactive for you, the reader. Who better to turn to for help with this than old friend and fellow blogger "Smack"?

As always, feel free to weigh in by posting a comment, and enjoy.

Blogometrics: I had a thought about the whole 'main page commenting' mechanism. It would be rad (yeah, said it) if that tool could be used as a sort of community twitter - where anyone can come on and "tweet." It can be interactive or linear, sort of like a twitter community - but where chat rooms have the drawback of being in real time (one of the only times that 'real time' is a draw back, unless you're George W. Bush), this is more like a message board open to any visitor. I know there are message boards, but I don't know that they've been properly marketed, or anywhere that they're totally free-form.


Smack: I think it’s a good idea. Not exactly the same concept as Twitter but I know what you mean. It’s better than having people write comments on posts asking for other topics to be discussed. I like the recent comments feature even more. You just need more people posting comments.

B: Right - not twitter, but kind of. More like "open twitter", where instead of having only certain followers, or only following certain feeds, this would be open to anyone - so that person 'x' can do the whole "I'm watching ESPN, and what the heck is the story with Colleen Dominguez' hair?" - and then anyone can either reply, post their own - whatever.
How do we get this going? What are some buzz words we can put on this site to get more hits, without stooping to x-rated levels?

S: Google indexes a lot of stuff on its own. Like if someone Googles that British PSA, your site might come up somewhere down the list. I think a good way to generate traffic would be to start commenting on other popular blogs. Post as yourself, and write things that will make people click on your name and check you out. They’ll see your blog and probably go read it. Or maybe you need to make a viral video.

B: Viral video! I knew there was a good reason I just bought an HD camcorder, besides my newborn son, that is.

Alright - you're in on this. We need a premise. Maybe we could revisit our Australian movie idea, but that might get pricey...

S: Do you have any direction? I feel like most viral videos are bloopers or funny injuries. Or people who are so terrible at something that it’s hilarious…

B: Hmmm. Maybe something spoofing PSAs, like the "Just Say No" spot I jokingly came up with the other day. Or a "Don't Gamble" PSA featured a homeless dude who lost it all, getting beaten up by the stars of our "Just Say No" PSA in a cross promotional piece. "If You Can't Say No to Gambling, At Least Say No to Drugs."

S: Not bad.

B: Yeah, too bad these guys already stole most of my good ideas...

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