Thursday, June 18, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

Time once again for some "Smack" talk, this time focusing, albeit vaguely, on pet owners. Feel free to weigh in by posting a comment, and enjoy.

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Smack: This is what's wrong with America. Check out this slideshow on people who thinks their pets look like celebrities:


Within Reason: Why have you done this to me? Those poor animals are all blinking "Call the police" in Morse Code.

S: Personal favorite was the poodle that “looks like Cookie Monster."

WR: Or anyone who thinks their cat looks like Barbara Streisand. That's like a horror movie.

Actually, there are a few pretty disturbing ones. The Sean Connery one - okay. He's pretty much a living caricature, and I'll give you Yoda, too. But the ones like Keira Knightly. Or that actor with the beard- Ryan Reynolds. That is legitimately scary stuff.

Let's assemble the Top Ten things you don't want to hear from the person you're stranded on a desert island with:

1) "Here's a picture of my poodle. He looks just like Cookie Monster, right!?! Ha ha, Hmmm. I'm hungry."

S: 2) "Is that a plane? Made ya look!"

WR: 3) "As lonely as this may seem, let me tell you, solitary confinement is waaay worse. Every time - the hole never gets easier."

S: 4) “This looks like a good place to camp. No schools within 500 feet of here, right? Heh heh.”

WR: 5) "I, uh, I love you."

S: 6) “I haven’t set my drums up yet. See, the thing about that is… I haven’t set ‘em up yet.”

WR: 7) "Stop following me! What? What the hell are YOU LOOKING AT??" (That would actually be more scary if it was not directed at you. Again, you being the only other person on the island.)

S: 8) "So… You ever see that movie, 'Alive'?..."

WR: 9) "Check it out. Yeah, I made this thong out of leaves. Here, I made you one, too. Man, I feel so free in this thing."

S: 10) "If you were a character on Sex and the City, which one would you be? OMG, that’s such a Samantha thing to say!"

WR: BONUS: "Holy Crap, look!! My guitar is washing ashore! YESSS! Hope you like Toby Keith and Hootie!!"


  1. How about a blog about a salary cap in baseball or whether the constitution is a static document or an organic document, or The situation in Iran now. just some suggestions

  2. Nice drums comment. Sounds like something my drunkin brother would say.

    He plays drums