Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grand Old Party Time

In case you are one of the millions who, like me, tends not to tune into Fox News on a regular basis, I thought it might be important to make you aware of the events planned for this coming Wednesday, April 15th. Apparently, there are untold dozens around us who have the keen insight necessary to point out to the rest of us the obvious correlation between "taxation without representation" and "paying your taxes." Of course, since these denizens of freedom from "Obamapression" are predominantly conservative Republicans, they are rolling out their message of protest in accordance with their usual impeccable morality and tact.

Now, to be - ahem - fair to Fox News, none of their actual anchors use any questionable terminology themselves. However, this does nothing to take away from the sheer absurdity of this protest, it's message, and it's extensive coverage by "The Most Powerful Name in News."

On a related topic, details surrounding Ohio conservative's "green" transportation initiative, which calls for a return to steam based locomotion, remain sketchy. With the American auto industry on the brink of collapse, some Ohioans are hopeful that steam engine powered cars will provide a greener and more economic solution than socialist bailouts. Unnamed sources within the conservative movement are hopeful that The Cleveland Steamer will return America to automotive dominance by the end of the decade. Stay tuned.

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  1. This is unrelated but I would like to see you blog about the MBTA plan to drastically reduce service.