Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Hits

A couple of things that have had me thinking...

A quick, ahem, note to all those who are asking for the Federal Government to abstain from taking on a greater regulatory role over the American economic markets. These are some of the same folks who like to say "It's my money, not theirs." Well, take a close look at the dollar bill pictured above. There it is, in plain English, right above George Washington's head. A quick translation: it is our money.

If these knuckleheads on Wall Street, and those who share their laissez-faire views on economic regulation don't realize that they're ultimately playing with house money, how can supporters of increased regulation be faulted for wanting to prevent these glorified gamblers from going all in over and over - and losing every time?

A key function of a Federal Government - even to the staunchest conservative - is to ensure the equitable distribution of resources to its citizens. Therefore, the government is well within its right to act as overseer of a financial market - and the fiscal climate cannot always be used to consider the extent of regulation. Before you disagree with this point, consider if you're debating the "distribution" or the "equitable." Either way, it's going to be a moot point if this sort idiocy is allowed to continue. The markets can not, will not or do not regulate themselves.

Ready or Not...

If Sarah Palin is ready to be Vice President, and potentially President...

...does that mean this young man is ready to be named head of the Environmental Protection Agency?

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  1. What, you don't like TURTLES?? I do. But again, it's classic for libs like you to impugn the right for the statements made by the extreme fringe of the republican party(zombies). Zombies represent a scant 9.07% of the GOP's voting block, and for you to suggest that statements made by these these undead wingnuts represent the views of conservative middle-america is disingenuous at best. The living-dead do NOT speak for me.